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The earth works its wonders in the form of a puzzle.
A scrambled word, some dotted lines,
no answer given, you must decide
is this gravel road going to someday become an interstate?
A maze of mixed directions, but they all end up in the same place.

It's all in the way the hands fit themselves around the ball of clay
and when the pressures on will thumbs invade and take the ache away,
or will they cover you in years of weighted waste?
Or will they cover you in years?

The earth works is puzzles in the way of a scientist.
There is more than 'x' and 'y' the hidden variable we seemed to have missed.
So when it came time to utilize what we have learned we couldn't see or believe that there has always been a 'z'.
And even sub sanctums beneath our feet,
in numbered lines you have to agree
that in catacombs, in categories our history is one big orgy.

It's all in how you strategize. You either have the gift or else you don't
and when we find out this is all a joke we will slit the comic's throat.
These are people that you're ruining, we'd really like to know,
how this is just a game to you.

And in the same moment in which it began it ended with just as much charisma. We were taken with the pulling force. We couldn't stop the turning of the gears.
As soon as one trap is sprung there's dozens more to take its place,
a constant theme throughout them all, something we could never trace.
Does anything have a purpose?
Why were we put in this god forsaken race?

The first to solve this puzzle is the last to leave this place.


from It's Happening II: Dungeons & Dungeons, released June 19, 2016




The Pineapple Army Michigan

I've always been terrible at writing biographies so why stop now. We're probably a band from Michigan. We don't adhere to a specific genre which causes mild schizophrenia in certain individuals. We will write commercial jingles for the right price and we do NOT play at weddings, only funerals. ... more

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