It's Happening II: Dungeons & Dungeons

by The Pineapple Army

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The writing process began 5 years ago. After recording I Am Jack's Favorite Album, The Pineapple Army set out to record an album of brand new material, nothing from the old "month projects" which is where most of the songs originally came from.

Around the end of 2011, the album was conceptually completed. It would be a 31 track double album spliced together to make one big album. Half rap/half acoustic. As time went on and songs weren't being recorded, the appeal of the tracks faded and thus a new phase of writing commenced. New songs replaced old songs and soon the project shifted focus.

When the time of recording finally came about it was decided that for simplicity, the album would come out in two parts and the genre's would be segregated. It's Happening pt. 1: The Storm was the unfortunate result of that. All the while new songs were being written and were getting tacked onto the acoustic half of the album. An entire concept album about the Saw movie franchise was absorbed into It's Happening pt. 2 and we began molding the rest of the album around that. As the two albums became more and more different, the idea of changing the name was brought up. Why would we want this new album full of relatively decent acoustic songs to be affiliated with our failed attempt at a rap album? A compromise was made and It's Happening II: Dungeons & Dungeons was born.

The album includes what is essentially a "musical" version of Saw, the skeletal remains of the original It's Happening conceptualization, a few songs about Game of Thrones, and the most effort The Pineapple Army has put into an album since Yoko Smoko. I don't know if that's a good or a band thing but we really hope you like it.


released June 19, 2016

The Pineapple Army is:

Jollybeard - Eric Bennett
Goldenboy - Alex Phillips
Queezy Quaze - Alex Nouhan
Thomm Foolery - Tom Massengill
Mizzle - Michael Everett
Mazzy Starr - Chris Belanger
and Deleted




The Pineapple Army Michigan

I've always been terrible at writing biographies so why stop now. We're probably a band from Michigan. We don't adhere to a specific genre which causes mild schizophrenia in certain individuals. We will write commercial jingles for the right price and we do NOT play at weddings, only funerals. ... more

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Track Name: Christopher Robin Rear View Decor
Picture this:

Pink clouds on a nuclear sunset,
a tired artist in need of a desk,
a lonely desk in search for an artist.
It'll happen, but until then,
He trudges on, putting on weight,
putting on masks and putting on paint
putting on plays, putting on, putting on,
he's just putting you on,
putting you on, he's just putting you on
putting you on, he's just putting you all on display!

Cabaret! Masquerade!
An army of freakish fruits counting the days.
An expiration date that no one wants to see,
so we retreat to the Lake.
Track Name: Getting Color
I'm outside in the sunlight
for the first time, it hurts my eyes.
My spirits rise and I get high.
A simple life, a peaceful sky.

My ears are filled with white cement
so nothing else can settle in.
The sweat is pouring off my head
in rainbow rivers, colored current.

Now through pink eyes and rose tinted glasses
I bleed ruby red on the evergreen grass.
I'm so black and white, blue and nothing else.
This song is terrible.
Track Name: (Puzzles)
The earth works its wonders in the form of a puzzle.
A scrambled word, some dotted lines,
no answer given, you must decide
is this gravel road going to someday become an interstate?
A maze of mixed directions, but they all end up in the same place.

It's all in the way the hands fit themselves around the ball of clay
and when the pressures on will thumbs invade and take the ache away,
or will they cover you in years of weighted waste?
Or will they cover you in years?

The earth works is puzzles in the way of a scientist.
There is more than 'x' and 'y' the hidden variable we seemed to have missed.
So when it came time to utilize what we have learned we couldn't see or believe that there has always been a 'z'.
And even sub sanctums beneath our feet,
in numbered lines you have to agree
that in catacombs, in categories our history is one big orgy.

It's all in how you strategize. You either have the gift or else you don't
and when we find out this is all a joke we will slit the comic's throat.
These are people that you're ruining, we'd really like to know,
how this is just a game to you.

And in the same moment in which it began it ended with just as much charisma. We were taken with the pulling force. We couldn't stop the turning of the gears.
As soon as one trap is sprung there's dozens more to take its place,
a constant theme throughout them all, something we could never trace.
Does anything have a purpose?
Why were we put in this god forsaken race?

The first to solve this puzzle is the last to leave this place.
Track Name: The Doctor and The Voyeur
Rise and shine human swine.
Body and mind on the line.
Clear your lungs, hit the lights
shield your eyes, blink five times.

There's nothing less forgiving than the truth.
There is no point in screaming if there's no one that can help you.
You'll be thankful if you survive the change.
You can never get to comfortable because nothing stays the same.

Who knows who? What to do?
Follow your heart. Glow in the dark.
Candid laugh, plastic bag
Play the tape. Learn the game.

It's time to realize who you really are.
The doctor and the voyeur aren't that far apart.
With all your knowledge you think you would have thought
to use the saw to grab the phone instead of cutting off your foot.

The photo floats across the room, a boomerang, a pale buffoon.
Lose the leg, load the gun, it's now or never, the time has come.
Shoot your friend, you're losing blood, go get help or else you're done.
There's no telling what the future holds for you.
"I promise. I wouldn't lie to you."
Track Name: Needle in a Needle Stack
A hole bored in the bedroom,
creating a pit, a pit of squalor in which to crawl.

Oh, Xavier it's all for you.
It's your time to choose what you will do.

Before the poison has harbored,
you find a martyr to take the fall for you.

You're strong but you're not tough,
"that's not nearly enough"
One more antidote lost because of you.
Track Name: Open the Box
The moneys tight.
The gas is expensive, so are the books
and so his the whole concept of the education system.

I barely have the money to stay high enough
to cope with day to day occurrences
and I know that if push comes to shove, I'm not sober
so all bets are off.

Stare at the box.
It's insides make me feel nice and so does the
attention that I get when I feel nice.

When I get cocky my karma knocks me down a couple notches so that I know my proper place.

Open the box.
The sirens song rings heavy in my head.
I'm so excited but very soon I'll just be tired.

What does this mean?
Am I fit to be an artist or must I
fake my way through another interaction?
What is this for?
Is there any final product or just
one more question followed by a million more?

When I kid rocking I feel like I'm a cowboy that has traded his horse in in exchange for a happy meal.
When I can't juggle, oh no, Yoko Smokos broke yo. How many people have died so that I can live in peace.

Open the box.
It's barely afternoon but everything after this point is barely going to matter.
Track Name: The Surgeon and the Successor
Please, you've already won me over.
You should know there isn't any other, but you don't.
I know you're loyal but now I wonder,
if you're really up to the task.

Please, you should know by now it's a test.
If you can learn to save a life, the power you possess.
It's not a sick satisfaction that you're trying to get.
You are the most important piece, you mean everything to me.

The closest thing that I've had to a connection
has turned to murder and sci-fi contraptions
and I can't shake the feeling that this isn't gonna turn out well.

I don't condone the path you have chosen
but it's your path you are your own opponent and
believe me when I say, "I want you to succeed"
Believe me when I say that it hurts to see you leave.
Track Name: Go Home
All of your allies are falling like flies all around you.
The stress and the struggle is starting to take its toll.
Frantically fighting yourself for all of your failures.
Double entendre, it's hard to do just as you're told.

So just stay home there's nothing out there except trouble for you.
Just go home. Their lives aren't in danger but they're not yours to rescue.
Just stay home. Your actions determine the future, the fall.
Just go home. Don't go through the door or you'll kill them all.
Track Name: Lion Police
There's been some busy bees a-buzzin, at least a dozen or more
and each one of 'em's got a cousin, all of a sudden, a swarm.
The little buggers get to bitin'. Now everybody's fightin'
and not a single one of them remembers what for.

I was a teenage skinvelope now I'm the lion police.
At first they cut out my throat but now I'm learning to speak.
If they say, "you and what army?" I just smile and look charming
and then I somersault into a pile of weed, yeah.

There is a spider in the system, got them birds in the webs
and he's been pluckin' certain feathers, cuttin' notes of their legs.
His tongue is solid silver and it will be delivered to me with more weed,
I'll smoke it out of his head, yeah!
Track Name: Wolf Milk
I used to ask for people's help but now I'm too embarrassed.
And I'm akin to a quitter, to a kidder I'm kindred.
And I have put so much into this and what do I get out of it?
Entire boxes of poxes and love affairs with hypocrites
with slits in their wrists from when they were kids.

But now we're growing old.
We saw it all coming and tried to prevent it but it happened anyway.
Yeah, it happened anyway.

I fill my body with these different prescriptions
and I can't get it out of my head and so I fill it
but I keep getting caught in this feeling.
I fill my body with these purple elixirs
and I can't get it out of my head and so I fill it
but I keep getting caught in this feeling.

You turned me on to a certain kind of intervention.
And I'm addicted to the fire the forms from the friction.
I somehow talked my way into this now how do I get out of it?
I put myself in this pit and now I'm filling it up with cement.
It's not a trick, it's an illusion...
Track Name: Survival of the Fittest
Good people always die
no matter how hard they try.
Good guys, they always die,
going straight to the gate in the sky.

Good people always die
even when they're in the right.
Good guys will always die.
Outsmarted, you look to the sky.

Survival of the fittest
leaves you with a junkie arsonist.
The arrival at the realization everything has gone amiss.
Is there enough blood in the two of you?
What will become of everything you're going through?
Track Name: Piranha
There's this code, there's this formula that I've devised
that essentially chooses who lives and who dies
but I've finally realized that's not my choice to decide.

Though it's taken extremes to show me my mistakes
I've witnessed first hand what my karma creates:
a ravenous fish with a cannibalistic taste.

First I tried to resist now I'm just pushing on.
Shackles bound to my wrist set to blow should I run.
The only family I know is being threatened
but the promise to see them gets me to the end.

I've collected my colleagues and cut them in half.
Never mind all their terminal, criminal pasts.
All these flashbacks perhaps it's exactly what I asked.

Times almost up I've acquired the keys.
I've beaten the game and now I am free
but there's one more choice and it's not up to me.

Please, I've been through so much.
I've seen the errors of my ways.
I know I've done wrong. Don't you see I can change.
Let me go and I swear I won't kill anybody, won't kill anybody,
I'll never do it again.

So now I'm melting like an egg in vinegar.
That's what I get for playing god.
What are the chances that I'd even be standing here?
You predetermined all the odds.

As I disintegrate a thought occurs to me,
I'm not as sturdy as a chain.
I'm spitting blood as we eye contact
and then I spiral down the drain.

A lesson learned, I guess
a moral must be somewhere.
The dead will have the final say.
I regret ever having come up with this stupid code
which led me to my last mistake.
Track Name: David Bradley
There are seven apple cores rotting in the basket.
There are several hundreds more if you can imagine.
There are pieces on the board representing every faction.
There is no peace from war. You can't do that subtraction.

Oh, is that so?
Because everything has been so touch and go.
And so we don't know when to ebb and when to flow.

Suddenly things take a turn for the worst and we're staring at something enchanting
but it comes from behind, slips a blade in your spine. You said earlier that this would happen.
So I run, flip the switch, kill the son of a bitch. Like I swore that I'd do in your honor.
All that does is create a sick circle of snakes that are endlessly eating each other.

Endlessly eating each other.

We're scraped together and basic veterans, we're made better than ancient weapons
and now that the planet has finally stopped spinning we're right where we ought to be, it's really happening!
Soon, soon the blood red balloon will go "pop", we'll get caught in a storm and then "BOOM".
We'll end up in a hospital, stuck on the moon with no doctor, a monster, a Judoon platoon.
Snooping for goons but can only find humans. Marooned with no food yet the nuisance eludes them,
corners the doctor with only a straw and starts sucking the life out his body.....I'm so high.
Track Name: Lumberjack
Hold still. I can hear you breathe.
Your heartbeat will be your undoing.
It's not fair. You didn't deserve this.
I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

You better act your age or at least fake it.
You know it feels so strange, but I can't quite place it.
All the effort tossed overboard and now it's lost.
But it remains while it decays.
Track Name: Fat Jesus
I know that I'm not Jesus but you might be confused.
It may take you a while to hammer out the truth.
But if you tell me what you want me to be, I can be that.
I'll forget everything that I know, just to be that.

I'm taking all this damage from things that just aren't there.
I'm making gold from straw. I made this rope from hair.

You know that it's not easy when you have this curse.
This burden put upon you the moment of your birth.
Now with everything so new, I can see that.
My father is it true? Must I bleed, Dad?

Fat Jesus and ya badda dah dah dah
Track Name: Father's Day in the D
TV makes me jealous of the life I'll never lead.
I stub my toe wide open. It goes unnoticed until it starts to bleed.
I left a trail, it left them begging for more as if I'm a celebrity.
How can you get behind someone you don't even know?

Fathers of music, Brothers of science,
Dad gets a hug from Conan O'Brien.
We are the sweat, the salt of the Earth,
beards all around because shaving would hurt.

It's hard to live after being crushed to death.
Engorging myself on things good for my health.
Calcium barrier, buried in calcified clothes, tuxedo of bones.

TV makes me jealous of the life I'll never have.
I'm getting postcards from Vancouver but they're never from my dad.
I am a Shellean monster and nobody knows what parts I'm composed of.
I'm put together but never complete. The lost puzzle piece, an eternal stand.

It's not the way our fathers were raised,
too scared to face what they have made.
They move away. They run to save themselves from what they have made.

Sisters of sacrifice, Mother of nature.
The family collaborates just for a picture
then it's back to separate poles, different lives, ulterior roles....
Track Name: I Saw in 3D (Preview Review)
It takes more than a little faith to be an actor,
an awkward path that's winding back to earlier mishaps.

Now you've acquired razor wire and a tire iron.
A pattern pirate under fire, fire, FIRE!

It's all too serious for me to be taking it seriously,
but I'm right in the middle and I'm being captivated.
Nick Cage is in another movie? Thank god.
Track Name: The Final Chapter?
How did I get in this mess?
I thought I did good, what led me to this?
I thought I did right. Just doing my job.
How could he know? Is this man really god?

I'm seeing all the patterns I've missed.
Everything's been orchestrated, everything up to this,
stole all the documents and there's a little something amiss
that doesn't fit in the timeline.

When did you get your degree in engineering?
How did you build a thing this big and so complex and in time
to make it fit the script? It's unbelievable.
It's more advanced than anything going on at the-

Time is an irrelevant fear.
I'm going to get down to the bottom of the reason we're here,
if there's a reason.
If there isn't then we wasted these years hoping it would explain itself.

Everything has led up to this?
The final chapter in a story full of misses and hits, but what after?
Or before, depending which one you pick and which one is more profitable.

Anything is better than this!
Innocent ladies getting cooked inside of an iron pig?
What the fuck did I just watch and what is the message to take away from this?
Track Name: Invisible Planes
9/11 was an inside job.
I said 9/11 was an inside job.
If you look at all the evidence there ain't no denying that
9/11 was an inside job.

John Kennedy, president man,
kissin' them babies and shakin' their hands.
Been workin' all day off the fat of the land,
John Kennedy, president man.

Now, OJ Simpson and Kurt Cobain,
obeyin' all the rules and gettin' good grades.
Met a pretty lady and it all went great because
Elvis, Ghandi, Madonna, Sting...Cher.
9/11 was an inside job.