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How did I get in this mess?
I thought I did good, what led me to this?
I thought I did right. Just doing my job.
How could he know? Is this man really god?

I'm seeing all the patterns I've missed.
Everything's been orchestrated, everything up to this,
stole all the documents and there's a little something amiss
that doesn't fit in the timeline.

When did you get your degree in engineering?
How did you build a thing this big and so complex and in time
to make it fit the script? It's unbelievable.
It's more advanced than anything going on at the-

Time is an irrelevant fear.
I'm going to get down to the bottom of the reason we're here,
if there's a reason.
If there isn't then we wasted these years hoping it would explain itself.

Everything has led up to this?
The final chapter in a story full of misses and hits, but what after?
Or before, depending which one you pick and which one is more profitable.

Anything is better than this!
Innocent ladies getting cooked inside of an iron pig?
What the fuck did I just watch and what is the message to take away from this?


from It's Happening II: Dungeons & Dungeons, released June 19, 2016




The Pineapple Army Michigan

I've always been terrible at writing biographies so why stop now. We're probably a band from Michigan. We don't adhere to a specific genre which causes mild schizophrenia in certain individuals. We will write commercial jingles for the right price and we do NOT play at weddings, only funerals. ... more

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