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The moneys tight.
The gas is expensive, so are the books
and so his the whole concept of the education system.

I barely have the money to stay high enough
to cope with day to day occurrences
and I know that if push comes to shove, I'm not sober
so all bets are off.

Stare at the box.
It's insides make me feel nice and so does the
attention that I get when I feel nice.

When I get cocky my karma knocks me down a couple notches so that I know my proper place.

Open the box.
The sirens song rings heavy in my head.
I'm so excited but very soon I'll just be tired.

What does this mean?
Am I fit to be an artist or must I
fake my way through another interaction?
What is this for?
Is there any final product or just
one more question followed by a million more?

When I kid rocking I feel like I'm a cowboy that has traded his horse in in exchange for a happy meal.
When I can't juggle, oh no, Yoko Smokos broke yo. How many people have died so that I can live in peace.

Open the box.
It's barely afternoon but everything after this point is barely going to matter.


from It's Happening II: Dungeons & Dungeons, released June 19, 2016




The Pineapple Army Michigan

I've always been terrible at writing biographies so why stop now. We're probably a band from Michigan. We don't adhere to a specific genre which causes mild schizophrenia in certain individuals. We will write commercial jingles for the right price and we do NOT play at weddings, only funerals. ... more

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