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I'm outside in the sunlight
for the first time, it hurts my eyes.
My spirits rise and I get high.
A simple life, a peaceful sky.

My ears are filled with white cement
so nothing else can settle in.
The sweat is pouring off my head
in rainbow rivers, colored current.

Now through pink eyes and rose tinted glasses
I bleed ruby red on the evergreen grass.
I'm so black and white, blue and nothing else.
This song is terrible.


from It's Happening II: Dungeons & Dungeons, released June 19, 2016




The Pineapple Army Michigan

I've always been terrible at writing biographies so why stop now. We're probably a band from Michigan. We don't adhere to a specific genre which causes mild schizophrenia in certain individuals. We will write commercial jingles for the right price and we do NOT play at weddings, only funerals. ... more

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